Newsletter: 01/18                              
Dear Member,
Welcome to the first New letter of the 2018 season and we hope you have had a good holiday break during this fantastic Summer.
Admittedly last year wasn’t a good year for the newsletter as the Secretary went AWOL on them so hopefully he can get his act together this year.

We begin with our ever broken record regarding the AGM. Now this very important event, where you get to have your say, moan, groan or whatever else is on your mind is happening on Monday 19th February at 7.00pm.
In case you missed the fine print that’s in 2 Weeks Time; and if you don’t get it off your chest then I doubt anyone will have the time to hear it during the season, as we have keeping you happy at the game on our mind and the people in blue even happier.

Remits from the Secretary for passage at the AGM:
That the membership give approval for expenditure to improve access through the clubs main entranceway, inclusive of planning, drawings, permits, labour and materials. Target amount not to exceed $20,000.00.

For Discussion at the AGM:
How the Supporters Club distributes financial support.
Currently we support the ‘B’s’ but receive little recognition of this yet greater demand. We are receiving requests from other teams but we may not be distributing our contribution in the right manner.
Are we better off supporting those who front up  to every game such as the Referees yet receive little in the way of support.
These are open for Internet Banking and a club day will be notified for those wishing to pay & pick up in person.
We continue to have ongoing debate with people (generally the same people) around a members right to bring guests and the number they can bring, so I will spell it out again. If you strongly disagree with what I am about say – come to the AGM and bring other members with you to vote for a new Secretary because I’m the poor bugger that fronts up to the issues (along with the committee) and has to do the mountains of paperwork that go with it.
1. The club holds a Liquor Licence for 500 people at any one time.
2. The clubs boundary is the clubrooms themselves, the balcony areas in front of the club and the white seats down to the RHS Columns that support the roof over this area.
3. The club has the choice of either or:
a) Restricting admission to Members Only and the Membership to 500.
b) Restricting Membership to 400 and holding the position that at any one time 25% of the membership may wish to bring a guest that would then reach the 500 limit
c) Holding position (b) and allowing admission of children, as well as extending Reciprocal Rights to other Supporters clubs which also has the ability to take us over the 500 threshold.
At this stage the committee holds to position (c), as we feel we want to be seen as been a family friendly club. If we didn’t hold this position then some of you may not be either at the game or members. We also wish to honour our Reciprocal Rights Agreements as per our Constitution.
So to wrap it up: the membership come first and others are a distant second!

Simply put – You Bring Them You Look After Them.
When things go wrong you need to know where they are, they evacuate with you and they are not the one needing medical attention.
We are not babysitters, they draw attention and can sometimes annoy, so please enjoy the night and allow others the same opportunity..
To everyone else – they’re not yours so leave them alone unless you are assisting with injury or evacuation.
You may not be aware of that child having a disability rather than just being a nuisance and you certainly have no right to discipline what’s not yours. If you have an issue on the night please raise it with a committee member and we will seek assistance from the parent/s..
Financial Position:
The club is demonstrating a healthy financial position with excess of $40k in the bank. This figure fluctuates as we move through the season but we continue to hold a good position.
We currently carry no overdraft or associated debt and are cash positive.
CMRSC Player of the Year:
The Supporters Club Player of the Year for 2017 was Sam Henwood.
The Player of the Year is selected by the number of votes received during the season from the Player of the Day envelopes Trevor distributes at each game. Sam Henwood received a total of 65 votes and was a clear winner.
CMRSC Supporter of the Year:
The Supporters Club Supporter of the Year  for 2017 was Maurice Brighouse.
The club are now the proud owners of a defibrillator which was generously donated by the Two-a-cow -Wanderers.

While we never wish to have to use this on anyone we are extremely grateful to the Two-a-cow Wanderers for their support and generosity in making this available to the Club.
Finally – THE AGM!!
Monday 19th February 2018 @ 7.00pm.


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