Rules of Entry to Clubrooms on Match days.

Club Rules of Entry

(as dated 16th February 2015)


Dress Code:

• Clothing must conform to reasonable standards of decency.
• No bare feet are permitted.
• No gang patches are permitted.
• No high visibility vests or clothing may be worn.
The Following is not Permitted:
• Alcohol purchased from outside the Clubrooms.
• All Dangerous Goods.
• Weapons of any description.
• Abusive or Offensive Behaviour.
Smoking is not permitted inside the Supporters Club or Stadium area.


Refusal of Entry:

You may be refused entry if you:
• Appear to be Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs/narcotics.
• Refuse to comply with requests from Security, Door staff or Officer of the Club.
• Have no valid membership or are not in accompaniment of a member of the club as their guest.


On Entry:

• All members must identify themselves with their Membership Card on request and be financially current.
• The membership card is to be clipped for the current game night.
• Guests of members must sign in to the Registry Book and be accompanied at all times.
• A wristband must be worn at all times whilst within the Supporters Club license Boundary.
• ”Under 18 entry” is by accompaniment of a member of the club and their Guardian.

Reciprocal Rights:

Reciprocal Rights are extended to other Rugby Supporters Clubs Members of other New Zealand Provincial Unions on presentation of a current Financial Membership card, should that club have a Reciprocal Rights Agreement with CMRSC.


Sale of Alcohol:

Sale of Alcohol is pursuant to “The Sale & Supply of Liquor Act 2012” and the conditions therein and inclusive of any Auckland Council by-laws.
• Sale of Alcohol is to Members and Guests only and is for consumption within the Supporters Club License Boundary only.
• The purchase of alcohol can only be made by those identified with a current wristband.
• No service to intoxicated persons.
• The “Under 25 years” Rule will apply, and the only accepted forms of ID are: a current NZ Driver’s License, a current Passport or an 18+ Card.
• No Alcohol will be sold to minors.
• We retain the “No obligation to serve” right as per Section 24 of Part 2 of the Sale & Supply of Liquor Act 2012.


Right of Refusal:

The Supporters Club Officers, Committee or Security; retain the right to refuse entry to anyone who does not meet or comply with these Rules of Entry.
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