Our Host Resposibility and Alcohol Management Plan



Host Responsibility Alcohol Management Plan

Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. Host Responsibility Policy aims to create a safe drinking environment and reduce the risk of harm caused by the abuse of alcohol.

As responsible hosts, we must:

• Prevent intoxication
• Not serve alcohol to minors
• Display Signage
• Provide and actively promote substantial food
• Provide and actively promote low and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives
• Arrange safe transport options
• Ensure Responsible Liquor Promotions
• Ensure a safe environment for patrons
• Serve alcohol responsibly, or not at all, to guarantee the safety of our patrons and meet OSH requirements
• Provide Committee & Volunteers with Awareness Training
• Provide an Incident and Noting Folder
• Fire Safety

To ensure our Host Responsibility Policy is achieved, the following implementation plan has been developed:


By law we are required to;

• Prevent anyone from becoming intoxicated in our bar
• Refuse service to anyone who is intoxicated
• Ensure intoxicated customers leave the premises

At Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. it is our policy to prevent anyone from becoming intoxicated in our establishment. It is our intention to talk through and communicate to patrons the various stages of intoxication to make them aware of their behavior and prepare them for any changes they might have to make to their behavior.  We operate on the principle that if we forewarn patrons and give them an opportunity to slow down or have a meal then they are less likely to become intoxicated and less likely to be difficult in the event that we refuse service to or ask them to leave.

It is equally important to refuse entry to anyone who is intoxicated.  If in doubt, refuse entry.  It is much easier to refuse entry to a customer than to ask them to leave once inside.  And by refusing entry to intoxicated patrons we are educating them that it is not ok to be intoxicated at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc.

The Definition of Intoxication
Intoxication comes in various shades and there is no single definition.  However, you can usually recognise when someone has crossed the line and has had too much to drink.  The police use the following definition; ‘being observably affected by alcohol and or other drugs to a sufficient degree that speech, coordination, appearance or behaviour is clearly impaired’ (speech and coordination are the most reliable indicators whilst appearance and behavior should support the assessment).  If the police find someone on our premises in such a condition, the Duty Manager on duty will be fined and the licence for the bar may be suspended.

We need to prevent intoxication, because intoxication can lead to crime, violence, drink-driving and crashes, physical assault and health problems.  It is the responsibility of all staff to manage intoxication, but ultimately the Duty Manager on duty is responsible.  This is a serious problem, and we therefore must be part of the solution.  At Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. intoxicated patrons will be refused entry, patrons who are becoming intoxicated will be slowed down and / or refused service, and patrons who do become intoxicated will be asked to leave. 

For their own safety, any patrons who arrive at the bar in a state of intoxication such that they are a danger to themselves or others should not be turned away.  They should be taken to a safe place (either a table by themselves or in a space with no other patrons and monitored until they are deemed safe, or emergency services called.

Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. has a zero tolerance policy on violence and as such our Committee & Volunteer members do not use force to remove customers (although they are permitted to restrain patrons in the event of fighting for their own safety and the safety of other patrons).  If patrons refuse to leave the premise then the Police will be called.

Managing Intoxicated Patrons
It is the Duty Managers on duty’s role to manage intoxication.  At peak trading times the Duty manager will proactively work the floor and get a feel for the atmosphere of the club, for individual patron’s levels of intoxication, and for any potential problems of situations which might arise.

At Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc., we advocate the use of an amended traffic light system.  In the system, there are four stages – green, blue, yellow and red.  Ideally, we want to keep all customers within the green or blue stage.

In terms of management, the following procedure should be followed for the different stages or zones of intoxication;

1. Green Zone
• Green = Go
• Welcome the customer
• Start to monitor their drinking
• Be aware that customers may not be in the green zone when they arrive at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. They may have been drinking somewhere else.

2. Blue Zone
• Blue = Monitor
• Closely monitor consumption
• Offer water or non-alcoholic drinks with their alcoholic drinks
• Offer food options
• Communicate with fellow staff to ensure everyone is on the same track
• We want to keep customers in the blue stage; we don’t want them to move beyond this stage

3. Yellow Zone
• Yellow = Slow Down
• Communicate and consult with fellow team members or the duty manager if you think someone has entered this stage of intoxication
• Slow down service
• Again, offer water, non-alcoholic drinks and food options
• Closely monitor and only allow further alcohol if the customer is deemed to have moved back into the blue zone

4. Red Zone
• Red = Stop Service
• Communicate with fellow staff and duty manager that you are going to refuse service to someone.  Ensure that the customer cannot receive service from someone else.
• Stop service and ensure that other patrons do not purchase drinks for them
• Ensure the customer safely leaves the premise

In Denying Service the following Rules should be Maintained and Followed:
• Communicate with Duty Manager, Bar Manager and other Bar Staff - make sure other Committee members are aware of your intention to deny service and remove a customer from the premises, so that they can back up your actions and provide support
• Host Responsibility Policy - make sure our house policy is displayed in a prominent spot.  This will provide support for your actions
• Signage - refer to the signage that states your inability to serve intoxicated patrons.  This provides further support for your actions
• Be non-confrontational - don’t imply that you know what is best for the patron or come down too heavy on them.  Don’t use language that will inflame them like ‘drunk’ or ‘pissed’.  Be aware of your body language
• Be firm - don’t bargain or negotiate.  Patrons may be argumentative and irrational.  You are simply doing your job.  Clearly state what is acceptable and what is not and your intention to remove them from the premise
• Don’t embarrass - always treat people with respect and keep your discussions as private as possible

The Law – Offences and Penalties

According to Sections 248 ~ 253 of Subpart 8 of the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, it is an offence to;

• Sell or supply liquor to intoxicated persons
• Allow any person to become intoxicated on a licensed premise
• Allow drunkenness or disorderly behaviour on licensed premises

Should we fail to carry out the requirements set out above, the following penalties can be imposed;

• Offence - Sale and supply of alcohol to an intoxicated person or allowing a person to become intoxicated
• Penalty - Licensee – fine of up to $10,000 or suspension of licence or BOTH, Duty Manager – fine of up to $10,000, Staff member who served the intoxicated person – fine of up to $2,000

The minimum legal age at which people in New Zealand can purchase alcohol is 18.  A minor cannot purchase alcohol under any circumstance, even if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

A minor is defined as follows;

• A person is deemed to be a Minor if they are under 18 years of age.  It is an offence under the Sale of Liquor Act to sell or supply liquor to any person less than 18 years of age.

Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. is designated as a Supervised Area.

• Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. will at no time serve a person who is under 18 years of age
• It is Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. policy to ask for photo identification (Passport, New Zealand Drivers Licence or HANZ 18+ Card) from any person if we are not 100% certain that they are over the age of 18 years old

The following documents are acceptable forms of age identification:
• New Zealand Passport
• Overseas Passport
• New Zealand Photo Drivers Licence
• HANZ 18+ Card
• No other forms of identification are acceptable (ie. University / Student ID cards etc).

The penalties for serving a minor are as follows;

• The Duty Manager - $10,000
• The Licensee - $10,000 or Suspension of Licence for 7 days, or BOTH
• Bar Staff who served the minor – Fine of up to $2,000

And for allowing Minors on premise;

• The Duty Manager - $2,000
• The Licensee - $2,000


The following signage must be displayed at all times;

• Club Licence must be displayed at principal entrance (displayed on the Notice Board inside the front entrance)
• Trading hours are determined by the Licence Conditions and displayed on the Notice Board with the Club Licence.
• Duty Managers name must be prominently displayed (on the shelf behind the bar)
• Prohibited person signage (intoxication and minors)
• Signage about alternative forms of transport (at various locations around the bar)

It is the responsibility of the Duty Manager on duty to ensure that all signage is correctly displayed.



Food works to reduce intoxication by slowing down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.  For this to be effective, food must be consumed before drinking begins or before the customer becomes intoxicated.

As responsible hosts, and according to the Sale of Liquor Act, Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. must provide a reasonable amount of food that is available at all times that we are open for business. At all times that alcohol is available for sale the kitchen will provide a varied menu of hot fare. This will be in the form of a blackboard menu at all times during a match or function including but not limited to, hot dogs, chips and burgers

Food is promoted by;
• Menu behind the bar
• Staff recommendations

Most food is quick preparation, with a maximum wait of 15 minutes.  Ideally all patrons should be offered food.  As food must be available at all times staff must make sure that if anyone asks for a meal that one is provided.

Low / Non-Alcoholic Beverages

As responsible hosts and according to the Sale of Liquor Act, Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. must provide a reasonable range of non-alcoholic refreshments.  This supports the customer’s choice not to drink alcohol and makes the choice easier for them.

Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. will ensure that low and non-alcoholic drinks should be available and actively promoted through staff recommendations, attractive display and at reasonable prices.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that low and non-alcoholic beverages are available at all times and the responsibility of the Duty Manager on duty to ensure that staff offer these to customers who are not drinking or who have the potential to become intoxicated.

The following non-alcoholic beverages are available;

• Free chilled water
• Carbonated soft drinks (coke etc.)
• Mixed soft drinks (lemon, lime & bitters, etc.)
• Juice
These are promoted by;
• Attractive fridge displays
• Staff recommendations

And are priced to be an attractive alternative to patrons;
• All non-alcoholic drinks are less expensive than any alcoholic drinks
• Still water is free of charge
• Should staff  recognize that a customer is a designated driver, they are authorized to provide that customer with a soft drink free of charge

Safe Transport Options

As we are all aware, cars and alcohol don’t mix well together.  Part of being a responsible host is ensuring we get our patrons home safely after they have been drinking in our establishment.  As such, we believe that we should help customers with access to safe transport alternatives, thereby ensuring they enjoy a safe and relaxing time at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc.

To do this, we make sure we talk to our customers to work out how they are getting home, thereby ensuring that we encourage alternative means of transport home if the customer has driven to Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc.

The following transport methods are available;
• Dial a Driver
• Taxi’s
• Sober friends / family

At Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. we promote safe transport options by the following;

• Dial a Driver & Taxi numbers on display
• Committee & Volunteer Staff education and recommendations
• We make available the phone free of charge so patrons can call to arrange alternate transport
• We will give patrons a ride home if they are at risk of drinking and driving.

Committee members & Volunteer Staff at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc., are required to help customers with taxis. They should show a customer to a phone and give them the appropriate number to call, or offer to make the call themselves.

Further, Committee members & Volunteer Staff should offer to call the customer a taxi if they think that the customer has had enough to drink.  Therefore, we do not always have to wait until the customer signals that they are ready to go home.  Sometimes the customer just needs to be asked if they would like a taxi or called.

Committee members & Volunteer Staff should also actively encourage groups of friends to designate a non-drinking friend as the driver for the night.  Staff should then encourage customers to go home with that sober friend.

In the event that a Patron has been drinking and intends to drive, and if encouragement to take an alternative transport option home has been declined, Committee members or Volunteer Staff should make the customer aware that if they drive the police will be called.  If necessary do so.

Liquor Promotions

A Responsible Host promotes alcohol responsible or not at all.  Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. will not run promotions that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.

The Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 makes it an offence for a licensee or manager to do anything that is intended or likely to encourage people to consume alcohol to an excessive intent.  The maximum penalty for any breach is $10,000 plus the possibility of licence variation, suspension or cancellation.

The policy of Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. is that we do not offer discounted drinks with the exception of the following;

• Occasionally we may run a ‘brand’ promotion through our suppliers whereby for a short period of time specific brands of alcohol are offered for a small discount or to receive something free
• Occasionally for a function we may offer a small set discounted rate for tap beer or house wine to assist the person paying the tab as an incentive to have it at our premise.  In this instance the Duty Manager should ensure that no one person is stockpiling drinks and that patrons are not getting drinks for people who have been slowed down or cut off due to avoid intoxication

Safety of Patrons / OSH Requirements

Some activities on licensed premises – particularly when alcohol is a factor – have the potential for injury to patrons. Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. takes the following commonsense steps to limit the potential risk of injury to staff or patrons of situations we have identified as being ‘at risk’;

• No patrons are to stand or dance on chairs, tables etc
• Ensure that customers do not put themselves or other patrons at risk
• Pretend fighting and pushing is not acceptable
• Aggressive patrons and troublemakers should be identified and removed from the premise
• Broken glass must be cleared up immediately

If an accident occurs or someone hurts another patron our policy is as follows;

• Identify the injured person and if you can bring them to a safe place
• Ensure the safety of remaining patrons
• If minor first aid is necessary (first aid kit is in the staff area behind the bar) offer this to the victim
• If it is a major injury ring an ambulance (111) and do not move them unless absolutely necessary for their own safety
• Also ask the victim if there is anyone you can notify (next of kin)
• If the injury is the result of a hazard (such as a slippery floor) make sure that the hazard is eliminated or contained (such as putting a mat down, mopping up spillages, or placing a slippery sign out)

Whilst all Committee members & Volunteer Staff are expected to be aware of potential patron safety breeches and deal with them accordingly, ultimately it is the responsibility of the Duty Manager.

When dealing with injuries remember to be safe and hygienic (if there is blood, use gloves).


Safe Haven / Harbour
Staff members at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. will always provide Safe Haven / Harbour for the following:

• Where a person is in danger of Self Harm by way of intoxication or other means.
• Where a person feels unwell.
• Where a person feels threatened by an action or the action of others.
• Where a person or member of the Club, raises concerns (perceived or otherwise) of possible danger to a person of any age in fear of their safety.

Should any of the above be brought to the attention of the club, the Duty Manager will be notified of the incident and impending danger so that the appropriate action can be taken and the appropriate Authorities notified.
Any individual being offered Safe Haven / Harbour shall be moved to an area of supervision and stayed with until the appropriate action has been remedied.

Staff Training

All Officer’s of the Club, Committee members & Staff members at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. are volunteers who receive no cash remuneration; however all receive regular training on our Policies, Procedures and Host Responsibility and all Committee members have input into in their creation.  All new committee receive the following;

• Induction covering conditions of the licence and contents of the Host Responsibility Implementation Plan and Policies and Procedures manuals
• Copy of Host Responsibility Implementation Plan
• Copy of Policies and Procedures
• Creating a Responsible Drinking Environment.
• The Incorporated Rules and Club Rules of Entry.
• Involvement regarding all of the above

Involvement is ongoing.  Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. has regular group sessions which all committee members are required to attend.  Training is also provided individually if and when required. 

It is the responsibility of the Licensee to organise and conduct training sessions (or to source these out to a training professional or other agencies.  Copies of all manuals are kept at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. on the shelving behind the Bar area.


Incident and Noting Recording

Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc. will keep an Incident Log Book that will record:

• Any functions or promotions
• How busy the bar was that day/night
• The number of minors turned away
• Any false ID’s presented
• The number of intoxicated persons turned away
• The number of intoxicated persons asked to leave
• Any arrests, incidents where the police were called, visits from regulatory agencies, matters relating to patron behaviour, and any other concerns

The Duty Manager for each club event is responsible for recording entries in the Incident Log Book and for reviewing entries since the last event.  These records are helpful in identifying matters and trends that require further attention. The Licensee is responsible for reviewing all entries and taking appropriate action.

Fire Safety

It is the sole responsibility of the license holder of the premise to ensure that the establishment has a current and operable fire evacuation scheme.

The Duty Manager is responsible for all the voluntary staff and customers on site.  Furthermore, the Duty manager must ensure a safe exit from the premise in an emergency so the Duty Manager needs to ensure that all designated emergency exits are clear at all times.  Any Committee member or Volunteer Staff member, Duty Manager or not, should notify the Duty Manager of any breach of these regulations.

Final Summary
The purpose of this Host Responsibility Implementation Plan is to promote a safe drinking environment for everyone at Counties Manukau Rugby Supporters Club Inc.

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